Online Overseas Capture Course in OCT

The course aims, through online learning and completion of tests, to help you develop and improve your knowledge in the use of OCT. By the end of the course the student will be able to;


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the posterior segment anatomy
  • Understand the different types of OCT scans and the factors that affect image quality
  • Show an understanding of the preparation needed to capture OCT scans
  • Recognise best practice in the acquisition of OCT scans


This course is specifically designed for individuals working outside the UK who wish to improve their knowledge of OCT.  You must be working in an environment where you have access to OCT scanning equipment and are able to capture OCT scans.

Topics Covered

The topics covered in this training include:​

  • What is optical coherence tomography
  • Anatomy of the posterior segment
  • Descriptive terms in OCT – Qualitative skills​
  •  Preparation and Capture of OCT scans​
  • Types of OCT scans:
    • Scan quality
    • Artefacts

Students will have the opportunity to submit scans that they have taken for review by the trainer and receive advice on the quality of the scan and how these may be improved


Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements however we advise that all students are:

  • Able to use computer systems and must have (ideally broadband) access to the Internet (www) to complete their distance learning
  • Have sufficient competence in English to understand the course

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