The Education & Training Team

The development and delivery team are:

Professor Peter Scanlon
Clinical Director (GH Trust)

Steve Aldington
Education Manager (GH Trust)

Clare Waite
Qualifications Manager (GH Trust)

Tracy Longden-Thurgood
Health Screeners Diploma Lead (GH Trust)

Paul Dimmock
Learning Technologist / Assessor (GH Trust)

Gwen George
Module Tutor / Assessor (GH Trust)

Sam Flynn 
Administrator / Trust Helpdesk (GH Trust)

Danielle Meek 
Administrator (GH Trust)

Bryony Ellsmore
Administrator (GH Trust)

Qualification content has been additionally developed or supported by:

Dr Consuela Moorman
(GH Trust and Oxford University Healthcare)

Angela Dale
(GH Trust)

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