The Gloucestershire Retinal Research Group was formed in February 2011 with a view to coordinating research into diabetic retinopathy. This has since expanded to include other areas of retinal research.

The group provides a structure of administration, financial and technical support and support for writing grant applications for Researchers who wish to bring projects, trials or ideas into the department. We also liaise with the Gloucestershire Research Support Service within GHNHSFT (our NHS hospital Trust) to make sure that all the necessary internal and external permissions have been secured and that activities have been adequately funded.

We provide a safe and secure working environment for our staff within the retinal research field and we plan for studies that are being accepted into the portfolio, so that they can be run efficiently and effectively.

A weekly minuted meeting is held in the department where action items are identified against individual researchers or staff to improve efficiency. The researchers also discuss current abstract submissions for conferences, posters and presentation submissions and current journal article submissions.

We are very pleased to have secured the ongoing support of a group of Consultants undertaking research in the retinal field (in alphabetical order): Emily Fletcher, Quresh Mohamed and Peter Scanlon. We are very fortunate to have the support of our Senior Statistician Irene Stratton and our Senior Researcher Steve Aldington, both of whom come with a wealth of experience, Irene from the Diabetes Trials Unit in Oxford and Steve from the Retinopathy Grading Centre at Imperial College (formerly the Royal Postgraduate Medical School).

The investigators are supported by a dedicated group of nurses, imagers, optometrists and technicians who provide key ‘on the ground' services essential to the trials and studies.

Our group is currently untertaking a number of Interventional or Non-Interventional (Observational) Trials in a range of retinal conditions.  Please see GRRG Clinical Trials.

We are also involved in or leading on a number of studies and projects on Screening & Attendance, Epidemiology and Reading Centre Studies including several studies in collaboration with other units.  We have attracted grants for a Seeing is Believing project and from the NHS technology fund. We are partners or lead applicant for 6 further UK and 2 European grant applications. Please see GRRG Studies.

The team continues to publish in high quality professional journals and present at many prestigious national and international meetings and conferences.

The size of the portfolio is a remarkable achievement given that the central administration team is small, essentially administered by Laura Lodge, Victoria Edgeworth, Jade Ayland and Glaucoma Project Administrator Frances Reilly. The research group is further supported by specialist nurses Vanessa Jones and Jenny Mackenzie.




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