Currently active Studies & Projects

GRRG Studies and projects; (Principal Investigator initials)


  • S13-06 Epidemiology of DMO/CIDMO (PHS / RJ)
  • S14-17 Macular Disease Society grant (RJ)
  • S14-19 Oxford OCT Health Economics (PHS)
  • S14-20 ODESP (PHS)
  • S14-21 Quality of Life in Low Vision (IMS / SC)
  • S15-18 Santen Uveitis Audit (AS)


  • P14-23 NHS Technology Fund (PHS)
  • P15-14 Seeing is Believing; Quality Improvement in Laser Training [QUILT] (PHS / SJA)
  • P15-18 Seeing is Believing; iTAT and Qualifications project Extension (SJA)

Reading Centre

  • S12-03 Reading Centre – Gloucester (SJA)
  • S13-07 Novartis VERIFY - Microaneurysm Count Study (SJA)


Studies and projects awaiting funding approval;

Screening & Attendance

  • X15-01 HS&DR: Virtual Surveillance OCT Clinics (PHS)
  • X15-02 ‘Need' for eye drops for DES (PHS)


  • (none awaiting)

Reading Centre

  • X14-22 AIRMILE (SJA)
  • X15-09 Crowdsourcing for Grading (IMS)
  • X15-20 Time and fatigue on grading (IMS / SJA)


Studies and projects at planning stages;

  • X15-05 Feet and Eyes (IMS)
  • X15-06 Manchester–Qatar (Retinopathy) Study (PHS)
  • X15-07 Risk Communication (IMS)
  • X15-13 Kidneys and Eyes (PHS)
  • X15-16 Singapore Tan Tock Seng (IMS)
  • X15-17 Singapore SERI (PHS)


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